Below deck on charter yacht Promenade

our saloon

The saloon of our sailing yacht charter is fitted with varnished woods, fine fabric-covered cushions, teak wood flooring and seating all around.

Open hatches admit the refreshing British Virgin Island sea breezes while fans provide further ventilation. Full air conditioning is available when required. Promenade is fully stocked with reference books for birds, fish, and island history.


There are 5 guest cabins, one in port outer hull, one in starboard outer hull and three at the rear of the center hull. Three of the staterooms have queen sized berths and the other two staterooms have berths that are larger than king-sized. So large, in fact, that the beds in these two staterooms can each be converted into two single berths, making four singles and three queen-sized berths if your party has such a need. In this way we can cater to both couples and families with ease on our charter yacht.

We do have an additional one or two spaces suitable for children or families if you have a group of 11 or 12.

Each stateroom has its own washbasin and mirror, and there are 4 guest showers and heads.

All have excellent ventilation with overhead hatches and fans. In addition, there is full air conditioning available when required aboard this sailing charter.

All our berths are over 6 ft. 8 in. long. Each cabin has 24 hour electrical outlets.

Everyone wants to know the dimensions of the beds, so here they are. Aft: 56 wide by 88 long. Kings: 81x81 (These kings can also be split so you have two twin beds) Queens: 78 long by 55 wide (These are the cabins in the ama's.) Single Cabin in port ama, 3.5' wide by 6'. You can go to our cabin gallery here to see pictures of all the cabins.

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