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A typical Caribbean BVI yacht charter vacation begins in Roadtown, Tortola, at noon, ending 7 days later and visits many different islands during the trip.

Each morning, after breakfast, you can be active at watersports, or not, as you wish. Your sail/dive charter yacht will either move to a different location or you may check out the local area in Yacht Promenades 15 foot tender.

We move to a different anchorage daily as you like, or if you prefer to stay in one anchorage for more then one night, no problem! It's your yacht for the week after all! Dance the evening away at Foxy's on Jost Van Dyke or curl your toes in the sand while dining on fresh lobster at Anegada!


All of our Caribbean yacht charter vacations are tailored to each individual group's needs and wishes. At the beginning of the cruise guests and crew get together and review the charts to discover how you'd like to plan your days and target the various places you most wish to visit during your stay.

Learning about the activies you most enjoy is very important. With our local knowledge, we will then suggest a route through the British Virgin Islands for your cruise. The itienary always remains flexible.

The many unspoiled beaches, rocky points and cays yield a perfect combination for sunbathing, exploring, snorkeling and diving. You will delight in deserted sandy beaches, varied snorkel spots, spectacular hard to find dive sites, anchorages off the beaten path, local beauty spots and endless quiet coves.

Those who wish to check out the local scenery or would like to hike or run, can always go ashore by launch. There are some local boutiques and opportunites for shopping on the different islands.


waterskiing, kneeboarding, tubing, wakeboarding,

Charter yacht Promenade's tender is a 15 foot caribe and carries a 50hp outboard. Our tender is perfect for watersports, going to the beach or going into town on your vacation. All kinds of waterskiing and related activities are available. All our various water toys are available for guest use.

kayaking in the bvi's

We carry a double ocean kayaks, and a paddleboard. Take yourself exploring while Yacht Promenade is anchored in a tranquil cove, or zip to the beach, laden with cold drinks. They are great for exercising, and parents especially appreciate their children burning excess energy paddling around.

What else to do?

Well, that is, when we give our guests the additional information that kayaks really do work better in the water than they do on land!
Please go onto our Snorkeling and SCUBA diving sections to find out more about those activities and for you keen fisherpeople, don't forget to check out the fishing page!

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