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Sailing the Caribbean

Discovered by Columbus on his second voyage in 1493, there are 35 to 40 main islands, some 15 to 20 which are inhabited.

When Robert Louis Stevenson wrote about the BVI in Treasure Island, they were almost unknown, and surely he never suspected that one day they would become the chartering capital of the world.

Many of the islands remain today in the same pristine condition that inspired Stevenson. Some are home only to sea birds, undisturbed by many, except for the occasional visitor who swims to the beach for a shelling expedition or to play in the surf.

The awe inspiring beauty of such places as South Bay, Ginger Island, below which is hidden the magnificient dive site known as Alice in Wonderland, can never be changed.

The BVI are a self-governing Dependent Territory of the United Kingdom and are part of the British Commonwealth. The currency in use today is the U.S. dollar, and philatelists should note that the islands are unique in that they are the only place in the world where Queen Elizabeth II of England's head appears over the currency symbol. The official language is English and the population at the last census was approximately 20,000.

The British Virgin Islands are fortunate in having the sort of climate that most people just love for a warm weather Caribbean vacation. An atlas will tell you that the climate is sub-tropical, but this is just another way of saying it's perfect. The constant trade winds keep the temperature ranging from a possible low of 77F in the winter, to a maximum of about 90F in the summer. At night there may be a fall of 10F.

The steady breeze also keeps the humidity remarkable low, especially when compared with somewhere like Florida. Hurricanes, though possible, are extremely rare.

Between the islands runs the Sir Francis Drake Channel, renowned as one of the best cruising grounds in the world.

The gentle trade winds blow their balmy breezes and the islands on each side keep the ocean waves away, leaving a tranquil lake for leisurely sailing. A glance at our map will show you how those who may not be so confident at sea will conveniently find -- very closely together -- everything that they could wish for.

Shown are a few of the landmarks, a few of the prime watersports locations and some of the best boutiques. There are so many beautiful coves within a short distance that the sailor is spoiled for choice of anchorages.

In addition to the many watersports available on our Caribbean sailing charter, a trip ashore for tennis or walking up a trail to the top of a hill such as Spyglass on Norman Island may add to the pleasure of your Caribbean vacation. A visit to a restaurant or bar with local music could keep the partygoers dancing all night long.

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