British Virgin Islands Sailing

There is no better way to sail, dive and snorkle the BVI's than aboard Promenade sailing yacht charter!

Promenade was built in Bristol, a famous seaport in west England, where tall ships have been built for centuries.

Elegant in design, a sleek-hulled schooner rigged trimaran, she is one of the most stable living platforms you could choose for a British Virgin Islands sailing vacation. Sitting perfectly steady and upright when at anchor, she hardly heels at all when sailing in the gentle breezes of the tradewinds. Her stability allows you to walk around as though you were on a vessel many times her size.

First time sailors especially enjoy not having to worry about tipping over, and experienced hands also quickly discover the pleasure of multihull sailing.

Yacht Promenade floorplan

On the above floor plan the two salmon color crew areas on either side of the outer hulls in the aft are single beds. With family groups of 11 & 12 you can use one of these, a spot in the salon or three kids to more then a king sized bed.

If you've been concerned that you might feel crowded when aboard a sailboat, worry no more. You will see that there is plenty of space for everyone to find their own private hideaway aboard our sailing charter. The vast area of this vessel ensures everyone always has plenty of room.

Step into our cockpit

In the middle of the yacht charter is the cockpit, the focal
point of many activities. This large area is covered with a bimini type awning
with curtains that can be rolled down as needed.

Fitted, full cushioned seats, speakers so that you can listen to your favorite music, icemaker, and a refridgerator for cold drinks makes this a natural gathering point. There is ample room for everyone to relax here when the time for sunbathing is over. Sip an exotic cocktail and observe the pelicans as they wheel about in the sky.

Watch your friends try out a kayak, or just sit back, relax and enjoy a good book. All meals take place with the British Virgin Islands as a back drop...

Promenades spacious cockpit

This table setting was done for a special occasion. It does not always look like that!

Outdoor Space

Out on the huge deck area, for those intent on getting the perfect tan, there are two double sized deck mattresses on the main deck and two built in trampolines spread between the three bows. You can be at one with the sea and the sky in these two hammock like areas.

The delight of perfect relaxation in the warmth of the tropical sun, as the water sparkles just a few feet below, will remain a memory to treasure forever. However, you'll probably find it hard to resist jumping in for a cool dip from time to time!

Deck space on Promenade from on top of masts

Toward the stern a boarding ladder and platform make exiting the water very easy. The general shape of the decks also provides several quiet corners for those who would like more solitude.

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