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away to sea on a bvi yacht charter

Heres the diary of an imaginary voyage. Its only one of many possibilities because no two cruises are ever the same. We ask that you tell us your ideas and wishes, and then we will develop an itienary encompassing your plans, tailored by our local knowledge.

day 1

group under the hull

Joined Promenade yacht charter at Village Cay Marina and after introductions all around, with Painkiller cocktails setting the mood, had lunch at dockside after which the crew prepared to set sail. Away we went to Benures Bay on Norman Island. Dropped anchor in mid afternoon. Great reef close by and we had our first swim in the Caribbean sea.

As the sun went down appetizers and cocktails were enjoyed in the cockpit. Soon it was dark, and the lights of Tortola sparkled over the Sir Francis Drake channel as we prepared for our first evening meal. After dinner, some of us sallied forth in the launch to the Willy T, a nearby floating bar, for an after dinner drink.

day 2

nancy feeding jocko

Up early for a snorkel before breakfast. There were turtles in the bay so we slipped into the water slowly in order not to disturb them. After breakfast, we divided into two groups. Some of our party just wanted to take it easy and relax on board. The divers chose to get checked out for SCUBA. When we got back on board, we found the others had gone for a swim after all. The tanks were set up for refilling, the swimmers returned and we all took a trip to the famous caves for a snorkel. There were many Caribben fish to see, yellow tail snappers and sergeant majors in abundance. Back to Promenade and rest for awhile before lunch.

In the morning discussion, we opted to sail to Cooper Island for the night. After an exhiliration sail, we ended up moored so close to shore I could have almost thrown a book right onto the beach and it would have stayed dry. A couple of us swam over to check out the boutique and bar. Suddenly, the kayaks came chasing after us. That evening, we decided to stay on board as we were all quite tired. Not used to all the sun and activity on a bvi yacht charter.

day 3

rhone pillars

To Virgin Gorda today, but first we went to see the wreck of the Rhone. She sank in 1867 off of Black Rock Point, Salt Island, and today is a famous dive site. The snorkelers enjoyed seeing the stern section, which is close to the shore, and the divers went to the deeper parts. After lunch, we were away, sailing up to Oil Nut Bay, Virgin Gorda. After a snorkel on the reef, we all went ashore at dusk.

day 4

north sound virgin gorda

Today we had a change of plans. We'd been considering sailing out to Anegada and on to Jost Van Dyke the next day, but in the end we decided to visit the Bitter End Yacht Club first for a little shopping at the boutique. Afterwards, we sailed on, downwind, to Mountain Point. It was quite a short voyage, but we had time for lunch under way.

In the afternnon we tried about every activity possible. All the toys came out! We went snorkeling and diving, the kayaks were launched and we even found time for some waterskiing and bananaboating. It was a busy afternoon.

As dusk approached, we looked to the west and could see the entire length of the channel. The Dogs, Beef Island, Scrub Island, and Tortola were all silhouetted by the setting sun. What a wonderful sight! Before dinner some of the divers went off to make a night dive and returned very happy with what they had seen.

day 5

baths, virgin gorda

Sailed past Virgin Gorda yacht harbor this morning and on to the national park called the Baths. These are an unique formation of huge granite boulders, all piled atop the other. We went ashore and spent an hour hiking along the trail between there and the lovely little beach at Devils Bay. It was quite energetic, but lots of fun. The snorkeling was very good.

Afterwards a dive was arranged at the Chimney, a site over on George dog. Then, we sailed across the channel to Muskmelon Bay on Guana Island arriving just in time for an evening snorkel. What a beautiful secluded spot this is. Just us and the sea birds. Appetizers and cocktails arrived and we decided to play trivial pursuit. With 4 teams, the competition became quite intense and we stopped to prepare dinner just in the nick of time.

day 6

murphys from alaska at dinner

Left after breakfast to sail to Peter Island, stopped on the way at Ginger Island for a dive and a snorkle on Alices back door. We had lunch underway and spent the late afteroon waterskiing and kayaking in Great harbor. Some of us went ashore to Peter Island Hotel, a large resort owned by the Amway Corporation. Decided we preferred being on the Promenade. How else could we have seen all the beautiful bays and anchorages we had visited? This evening, at dinner, we celebrated our anniversary. . Before retiring, we lay out on the trampolines for awhile and pointed out stars and constellations to each other.

day 7

hiding under the kayaks

After an early breakfast and a sail back to Roadtown, it was time to say our goodbyes. It is hard to believe that we have been in the islands for a week. I've thoroughly enjoyed everything about this trip. It has been tough deciding what to do each day and when we return we really must sail over to Anegada. I'd also like to visit Sandy Spit, next to Jost Van Dyke. There is so much to see and do! Maybe if I hide under the kayaks they won't see me!

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