Promenade Sail & SCUBA Charters

Ship's FAQ

1) Passports: Valid passports are now required for all nationalities coming into the BVI's as well as the US authorities when returning to the states.

2) Emergency contact: BVI Boat 1-284-340-2755, USVI Boat 1-734-716-0678.

3) Fly into either STT (St thomas in the USVI) and take the 40 minute ferry over to Roadtown, Tortola, BVI or Fly through SJU (San Juan, Puerto Rico) to EIS (Beef Island, Tortola)

4) Preference sheets to be filled out and received by us at least a month before your sailing dates. You should have a designated organizer in the group to fill these out. Please make sure that we have your arrival and departure details in good time.

5) Port of boarding: Generally Roadtown or West End of Tortola. Boarding is anytime after 12 unless special arrangements have been made. If you are arriving on island earlier in the day arrangements can be made to store your luggage for you.

6) Music: We have an IPOD and docking station, feel free to bring yours if you like as well.

7) What to bring and pack: Dress is casual in the islands and on Promenade. Shoes are not worn on board unless you have a specific pair of shoes for only wearing on the yacht. We suggest one pair of sandals for going ashore and a pair of wet shoes for climbing over the rocks and in the water. Storage space is limited and most guests tell us they packed twice as much as they needed. SOFT COLLAPSIBLE LUGGAGE is essential. We recommend 2-3 swimsuits and pairs of shorts, 3-4 light cover ups or tshirts. "Resort casual clothing is only needed IF you are going ashore for dinner to one of the fancier restaurants. In winter season, you may want a light sweater or rain jacket.

8) Sun Tan Lotions: Please, no suntan lotions with PABA or Bronzers in them, they stain our decks and upholstery. Please do not bring any of the spray lotions as they just make the decks slippery.

9) SCUBA and snorkeling gear: Unless you must bring your own gear, consider renting it on the yacht with the new airline regulations. We have plenty. The two items that we recommend are your own well fitting mask and snorkel, and a light wetsuit if you would like.

10) Children are welcome on Promenade, although for younger members we do suggest bringing some age appropriate games and their own well fitting mask, snorkel and lifejacket (for playing in the water). The crew are not babysitters and you are responsible for taking care of your own children.

11) Incidentals and SCUBA fees: These can be paid in advance of the charter if you so desire to avoid carrying more cash then you need to. These can also be paid by check, cash or travelers checks at the end of the charter.

Special Requests?

Ask us! You never know what we can accomplish on board! We can ALWAYS find deserted anchorages though....

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