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General Information

general information

Getting to our sailing charters is easy. To get to the BVI, fly to San Juan, Puerto Rico and take a shuttle flight to Beef Island airport. A taxi ride of about 20 minutes will get you to Promenade. Taxi fares are not included in the cruise fee. Currently, when sharing a taxi, the rate is about $15.00 per person from Beef Island to Roadtown. Depending on time of year and where you are coming from, there are also direct flights from the USA into St Thomas in the USVI and then you can simply catch one of the many daily ferries over to the BVIs, and Roadtown, its capital on Tortola where Promenade sail dive charters depart from. For more information on these and tons of local information go to our resources page


Passports are required for all people coming into the BVI, and for all americans returning to the USA.

how to book

Please see rates and availabilty pages for information. Then contact us by calling our office at 1-951-304-0737 US # cel 1-734-716-0678 or by email on our contact page. Once you have decided that you would like to spend a week sailing and diving with us in the British Virgin Islands, you can put a hold on the yacht. A hold lasts for two weeks while the contracts and deposits are completed.

You require a 50% deposit to confirm the yacht (25% if it is more than 6 months prior to your sailing date). If someone comes along and wants the same sailing dates as you with money in hand, then you have 48 hours to deposit the yacht or lose the dates. When you are ready to book we will email you all the pertinent contract and booking information.

telephone and email

We have a cel phone on board our BVI Sailing Charters, both for the BVI and the USVI waters. In all probability your cel phone from home will work here. We do pick up the US networks when we are in line of sight of St Thomas. ATT and Sprint seem to work best. We have a high speed internet package by the week that can be purchases by your group is you desire.


We have no age limit for children. Up to twelve passengers can be accommodated when families travel together by arranging for three small children to sleep in each king size berth. This arrangement has been tried and tested many times. We do ask however, that you realize that the crew are not babysitters, and you are responsible for taking care of them on the yacht..

clothes, luggage

Dress is vary casual in the Islands. Cotton is recommended, including a long-sleeved item for sun protection. You will need a selection of swim suits, cover-ups or wraps, shorts and T-shirts. Bring clothing that is cool and comfortable to wear. As on most yachts, you will probably not wish to wear shoes on board. If you do prefer to, please bring a pair of deck shoes with easily washable soles. A pair of tevas, (sandals) and a pair of water shoes are ideal.

Storage space is limited, and almost all guests tell us that they packed twice as much as they needed. Soft collapsible luggage is essential on board, for easy stowage where space is limited. Duffel bags are best. It is a good idea to pack some essentials in your carry-on as there are occasionally delays and temporary lost pieces of luggage.

suntan lotion

Even on a hazy day the sun is very strong in the tropics. Be sure to stock up with the latest sunscreens before you arrive. Waterproof lotions for use while swimming are a good idea. Please do NOT bring any suntan oil, fake tan or sunscreens with PABA in them. They ruin our varnish and you will not be able to use them. Also avoid the new sunscreen that are constantly pumped on, all they do is make the decks slippery by getting suntan lotion everywhere!


We carry a wide range covering most peoples' taste in music. Recently, we have put these all on an IPOD which is hooked up to our stereo. There are speakers in the saloon,cockpit and front trampoline area. However, we welcome you bringing your own IPOD to enhance the variety during your cruise.


Smoking is considered a fire hazard on many yachts. On Promenade, for safety, we simply ask that you smoke only when topside, on the aft deck and never below decks.


It is rare for anyone to suffer from sea sickness in the BVI, especially on a multihull. One of the reasons the BVI is such a popular cruising ground is because the many islands protect us from the ocean outside. We get ideal sailing winds without rough seas. If you are concerned about being seasick, there is a new prescription drug out called Scopane which is a variation of the patch and works very well.

We look forward to meeting you soon on Promenade Sail/Dive Charters in the British Virgin Islands!

See you soon!


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