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Families, June 2014

Dear Chad, Kerry, Bazza and Felix, Thank you for hosting us for an amazing week on The Promenade! It was such a memorable vacation with lots of fun and unexpected moments!

Family charter on yacht promenade

The water sports were certainly a highlight for us. Everyone enjoyed paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling, tubing and the hamster ball (you just have to see the pictures for that one!). The kids are all hooked in SCUBA now and I canít believe I tried it too and loved it! Chad was a patient and confident instructor and I felt like we were all in good hands. Diving the wreck of the Rhone was AMAZING and it was not something we were expecting so it was extr

Your experienced crew was amazing and looked after every detail. Chad was an excellent captain and can also make an awesome rum punch! My son loved helping with the sailing. Chad and Bazza went to a lot of trouble to make sure he could help out a lot. He loved it! The sails we did were gorgeous and relaxing. It was a good balance of down time and activities for our group (2 families with teens and younger children).

hamster ball

Kerry is a pro in that tiny kitchen and made sure we were all well fed for breakfast lunch, dinner and cocktail time, of course! I especially appreciate that Kerry went to so much trouble to make delicious gluten free food for me! It was such a treat to have what everyone else was having. We also had some picky eaters and she did a great job making sure everyone was satisfied. Desserts were a specialty and a big hit along with her homemade cinnamon rolls and conch fritters!

cinnamon buns

All in all I think this is wonderful boat and crew for family vacations. They all went to a lot of trouble to make sure we were all happy with the food, activities and accommodations. Fondly, The Friedman Family Sailed June 2014

swim vacation

I was completely blown away by the Promenade, her captain, and crew. Richard and Lisa figured out exactly what we, as swimmers, needed, and delivered. B silently kept everything in order all day, then made sure no one ever drank or danced alone all night. You have hired truly gifted people. "Hopper" Maine Read the charter review that was sent to Ed Hamilton charter broker by Swim Vacation!

How do you sum up what can't be summed up in mere words? This vacation has been phenomenal! Crew of Promenade is first rate,, tremendous! Thank you for an experience I never thought I would experience in my lifetime, Michael

This was just what was needed to try to shed winters tough grip. The Promenade crew is hands down, the best and so fun to socialize with. I always felt Like I was taken care of and safe. They were completely organized and at the same time entertaining. was the trip of a lifetime. I never planned this type of vacation and I would recommend it to all my friends and swimmers! Thank you Promenade Crew! nicole

This trip was fantastic. Only knowing my buddy Mikey when we arrived, not sure who else on board, we ended up meeting a great group of people. But it was the crew that made this so fun. You guys are just wonderful, interesting and caring people. learned something new every day. Helped us appreciate what each bay had to offer. Then you made the nights just a blast. Thanks so much. Also the food was so good! Everyday and every meal! Linda

You can go to this blog entry that was written by one of the members of the group, and you can also go to Swim Vacation to see their complete story, slide show and dates for next year!

cabin only sailing march 2008

We have been on the phone ever since we landed in Charlotte, NC, telling everyone what a wonderful time we had! We will definitely be back, and ready to tackle any water sports you throw at us. Our bodies are fine! Maybe a little sore, but so what! We had a great time and it's our own fault for being out of shape! It was better than expected! That was the best vacation we have ever had! We can't stop talking about it. The crew was marvelous and so much fun! As well as the other guests! The comment I wrote that Lisa posted on the blog doesn't even do the trip justice. It is so hard to put into words how much fun we had! We will be back! Even though the wind and the swells were challenging, Lisa and the crew always managed to have a "cunning plan" to insure we had a great time. The weather was really not an issue. I love Brent! If I had a son, I'd want him to be just like him. Tell him to keep in touch. Paula Keller, North Carolina
Thank you all for your fantastic hospitality during our time aboard Promenade. We cold not have been spoilt more. The food was tasty, the cocktails mean and the activities very well organised. You all did a great job and we will be very happy to recommend the cruise as a wonderful holiday to everyone else we know. Helen and Keith, London England

cape cod pirates feb 08

Kerry and Bazza: Another fantastic trip. I even managed to ride the big waves and survive. Once again, thanks for your superb attention to Bill's needs. Enjoy your "RV" time on those off weeks. Be good to Brent (AKA Bruce) or we'll have to come back and recsue him. We love him! Thanks! Thanks! Pat and Bill
Can't leave! Missed one of Smitty's top ten spots. Awesome vacation- Like a bad penny we'll be back! Thank you so much! Smitty and Carol
A phenomenal week! Can't believe it is over. boarding last Sunday was like coming home. Many thanks. Maureen and Dan

repeat texans! march 08

Dear Kerry...We had a blast. Once again everyone and I mean everyone felt the trip was the best. I want to compliment especially the crew...Richard, Lisa and B were fabulous and we wanted to take them home with us! The boat is looking great as well as the food and hospitality. We made it home straight away and there was no naughtiness! Josh wants to work for you when you have a need...A glutton for punishment I guess!

adventurous wenches jan 08

"My best vacation ever!!! It was perfect!" " Wonderful trip!!!" "I had the most wonderful time. Thank you so much!" "Thanks so much for being so friendly, professional and thoughtful. We were very well cared for by Lisa, Rich and Brent! Hope to be back!" "Lisa, Rich and Beastie, a week I’ll never forget! Beautiful sailing, great food, talented and yummy crew – Thanks!" "Best ever! Best boat, best crew, best week. I’ll be back." "Oh my God…. I loved every minute of this trip, boat, crew and of course wenches!"

andrews charter, jan 08

"Too fun, loved new friends " "What a wonderful week! Great food. Great sailing, great fun – TOTALLY lovely pampering! Thank You Admiral Loulou, Captain Richie and Newbi Brent!" "Thanks for the fabulous hospitality and taking such good care of us all! Awesome time!! Thanks for the fun, food and history lessons"

alev and benson charter from tucson az, new years 2007

Danny: "I love the predator"
Kylie: Thank you Richard, Brent, Lisa, Kerry and Bazza. The diving was amazing, the predator thrilling, my stomach always aching because of Lisas wonderful meals, bazzas cool invention and kindness, Brent always getting picked on (newbie) Richards deep pirate voice and pro predator driving and Kerry who finally got better at the end. It was the best vacation ever.
Kristina: The perfect vacation and the perfect crew. Thank you for everything. I loved diving.
Ben: The best tropical vacation I've ever been on! Our family well remember it forever- great food, great hosts, a great trip.
David and Azura- Everything was so well orgainzed. The food and drinks were great. Thanks for treating us so well and making it such great fun.
Becky: Thank you for an amazing vacation with lots of fun and excitement and gourmet food. Really enjoyed the shipwreck dive. Fabulous crew, Great times and yummy food.

We are back in Tucson safe and sound and want to thank you and Rich again for all of your hospitality and kindness last week. We had a very enjoyable vacation and compliment both of you on your attentiveness and professionalism. You made everything run like clockwork and went out of your way to make sure our families were well taken care of.
We have lots of memories that we will cherish thanks to you and we will recommend you and the Promenade to our friends.

heaps family charter from sundance utah, xmas, 2007

Your new found friends from Utah! Come visit us at any time! Arr!!
Everything was wonderful. Thanks for making everything wonderful you thought of everything. This is a wonderful Christmas memory and I will always cherish it.
Thanks and Merry Xmas to each of you. This has been a Christmas that we will never forget. Your friendship has made the trip. The food and the diving were all amazing. You are all a lot of fun and very special people.
Thank you so much you guys are absolutely amazing. I have loads of respect for all the things you guys have done! Come to Lake Powerll with us it would be a blast. Thanks for everything.

headboat, cabin only sailing, march 07

first dinner

Much needed relaxation! thanks to each of you from the SLUG GANG! Phil and Drew Yount. Thank you for a completely relaxed week. Great job. Brian and Wendy Fisher. We just wanted to chill, Thanks a lot. Mike and Tricia Fisher. Loves it. A great rest, company, FUN! Phylis Shankman. Thanks so much for one life filled once in a lifetime trip. Your boat is exquisite and I so appreciated the good humor, great food and wonderful relaxing snorkeling and swiming and drinking and Willy T's! You guys know how to put it gotether Stay safe, be well. Timothy. Delightful. five star. Top notch. Wonderful crew. The best. 100% Dave Evans.

allen, 3rd time repeat, nov 06

first dinner with beans

Thank you very much for a fantastic trip! Everything was great including the beautiful comfortable boat, beds, the nets, the healthy food, amazing snorkeling, banana boat, waterskiing, sailing and especially the company! Thanks for all the special details that you attend to that can go unnoticed but are the things that make an experience go so smoothly! I keep dreaming about diving off the boat into the warm water and seeing all the underwater beauty - my favorite part! While I had no problems with sea sickness, getting off the boat was the hardest part for me. I felt like the astronauts might feel, like I was going through decompression - I felt like there was a weight pressing down on me and felt dizzy - weird... Linda and Jim Heller

..We had a great time!...I think we were fully into "BVI mode" by the time we got to West End on Monday and you can tell it didn't take Jen long... I'm sure that's because you make us feel like we're chartering with old friends...please tell Richard that I'm sorry about the cold and that I'm glad he is feeling better. I think the alcohol kept my cold from coming full-on until Sunday as well. Jen has already gotten the kids on board for a family trip so hopefully we'll see you soon. Bill and Jennifer

As always thank you for sharing your special home with us all! It is always the week that we wish would never end and this week was no exception! Terry and Janet

barnes family and friends, june 2006

After surviving 3 flights (4 hours layover on one), losing our luggage (finally found and delivered) and returning to work 12 hours on Monday we know we are back in our real world. Thanks for the slice of heaven you and your crew provided us. It was greatly appreciated and far exceeded our expectations in every way. I gained 4 pounds due to the great food! We hope to see you all again someday. Penny

I had a very nice time on our week on the Caribbean Sea, and your collective attention to the details, and your willingness to go the extra mile to make sure we had fun, were big keys to the overall enjoyment. Our biggest complaints regarding our stay on St. Thomas were in regard to our unsuccessful attempt to get a chance to taste the delicious smelling bar-b-que chicken, and the lack of someone to tell us what to do each day. Without the latter we had no organization and too many opinions to allow us to be effective in getting our day going. There were also scattered complaints about (a) the lack of coffee awaiting us at 7 AM, (b) the lack of snacks and cocktails at 5 PM, and (c) the lack of cold drinks throughout the day. I suspect that by the time the rest of the folks are ready to depart they will likely also have complaints about the lack of a box where all missing things (except my bathing suit) ultimately turnup... but that, of course, is merely speculation. Lew

bvi sail cape cod pirates, april 2006

pirates of cape cod

I did not really get a chance to properly thank you as I was assigned luggage duty on our departure. Returning home has not been an easy adjustment, I haven't eaten since breakfast last Saturday because no one rings a bell. My thoughts were of the Promenade this morning as I was defrosting my windshield on my drive to work. I cannot begin to tell you the enjoyment that Carol and I received on the trip. Besides being in warm weather and even better water, your guidance and assistance was invaluable. I really enjoyed talking with and listening to Bazza about all topics, the boat, on sailing and even politics. He is truly a knowledge individual. Your captain's blog was a big hit at home and I have shown it to some of my co-workers, all are jealous. I would like to especially thank Lasse for all his assistance with us in the water, etc. I enjoyed hearing of his experiences in other parts of the world. All of you are interesting people with a variety of life stories. It is a vacation that I knew I would prefer but I cannot believe how much Carol, Pat and Bill enjoyed all the activities. All of you were especially attentive and considerate to Bill's condition. It was a real sad moment for me as the ferry sailed past the Promenade; seeing Kerry and Bazza in the dingy and Lasse on the back deck, it was then I realized the trip that I so anticipated all year was coming to and end. St. Thomas was great but nothing compared to a quiet cove and a morning swim. We will be following you on your blog. I have already asked Dan what my retirement gift will be since it is out of our initial friendship that this all took place. Thank you again and may you all have good health and good winds. Jim Smith (Smitty)

Well, it is almost a week since we chugged our way back to the dock in the dingy laden with unused and unneeded luggage. I am still trying to get out from under the laundry - reality hits so quickly. Words can't express how wonderful our vacation on the Promenade was. It was 7 days of absolute perfect weather and unforgettable times. It is something no one can explain -you just have to experience it. Bill and I had no idea we would enjoy it so much. (As you remember, I was the reluctant one of our group who was a bit unsure about this trip) Well, I am ready to go again. We loved everything about it - from the snorkeling, the sailing, the food, the great company, and the wonderful guidance, knowledge, and advice of a most friendly, warm and experienced crew. We have so many fond memories of our Promenade sail - My doorbell rang the other day and I ran to the kitchen table and sat down waiting for someone to bring me food. We really got used to that bell. We would especially like to thank you for your kind attentiveness to Bill's needs on our journey. You made him feel so comfortable and he thoroughly enjoyed every moment as did I. Our days in St.Thomas were wonderful as well but nothing compared to our week on your yacht. Thank you once again for the trip of a lifetime and who knows - you may see us again some time. We have already recommended this trip to several others - you never know. If you ever need anyone to tell your guests what not to bring give me a call and I will be happy to oblige - lord knows we made that mistake. Happy and safe sailing to you and may you always have perfect BVI weather in which to sail. Bill and Pat Mehleisen

mansfield charter, washington, michigan, montana and south carolina, jan 06

Hi Y'all, Well, Gordie and I have scheduled our 28 days at Betty Ford, and our first weight watcher meeting is tomorrow.Kathy is so right..reality isn't all that much fun. For some odd reason, you can't allow yourself to eat breakfast (with peanut butter, and I don't mean one serving) dessert, snacks, and 39 drinks a day back in the states. I'm not exactly sure what happens to your brain on vacation, because I had absolutely no problem whatsoever doing it in the BVI...go figure. There isn't anyone waiting on me here, and quite frankly I was getting quite accustomed to it. I thought I heard 2 bells ring this morning, I threw off my covers, ran down the stairs, and there was NOTHING on my table. I sat there for a minute, and realized that no one was going to bring me breakfast. Thanks to all of you for making this past week so relaxing, fun, funny, memorable (thanks to Jack for the extracurricular view) and special! Till we meet again. Luv Kristi.

O.K...I'm clipping the doors as I'm trying to turn out of a room... I had a staff meeting first thing this morning and they realized I really DIDNOT miss them or care what fresh new hell awaited, and it's really scary that I miss Gordos great laugh (which is really bizzare when you wake up in the middle of the night and try to figure out where you are)... and I admit that I truly miss three amazing meals each day and the wonderful hosts that made for such an incredible experience! Kerry and Bazza- You ROCK! and congratulations on having such an incredible associate (because I can't remember what his seaworthy title is....I'll just call him - Rescue MAN- the sunglass dive caper and snatching Jacks hat from the sea on the way out are worthy! Hope to see you all again soon! Hugs Kathy

fisher charter, ohio and tennessee, nov 05

A quick note to thank you folks again for the absolute best vacation of my life! It's been nearly two weeks since we left the Promenade and I'm still thrilled at the good times we had. You made me feel comfy and welcome from the moment I stepped onboard. Being able to dive with my brother in those gorgeous waters and reaching out and touching that injured turtle swimming within arm's reach are my highlights of the trip. I'm getting teary eyed thinking about it, again. I sure hope Duane and I can visit with you again someday. I wish you a happy Holiday Season and a great sailing season.

the mattoon family, sleepy hollow, illinois, mar 05

There are some things that change your life for the moment and there are some things that change your life forever. We will remember this forever! Thanks for showing us the ropes...oops I mean lines! Food was great, the crew was superb! the experience was awesome. Thanks for everything.

jerry lockett, houston texas, jan 2005

As General MacArthur was quoted as saying We Shall Return! The 4th Promenade BVI Charter cruise for 2 of us was unbelievable and as for all the others, it couldn't have been better. They were all thrilled with the experience. The boat, the crew, the dives, the snorkeling, the kayaking, the tubing, the beaches, the Willy T and the Pirates Bight etc etc etc were all first class. Thank you!

the sandwalls, mar 04

Thanks so much for a wonderful time. We all looked forward to this vacation and we were not disappointed in anyway. Your hospitality was great. You let us be ourselves and do our thing, but you were always there to help and assist in any way. Without a doubt this has been the best family vaction we have ever had! Highlights: Diving, sailing, the meals, your friendship and the fantastic BVI's! You guys know the best dive sites. I don't think I experienced a site I didn't like. They were all different and I think I experienced something new each dive. Thanks for the sailing. The meals were the best. All were very good and I think all of us were spoiled. Thank you Kerry. Your friendship was felt by all. It was natural and very welcoming. It is hard to always entertain people but, your genuine friendship was clearly present. The BVI's were the best, we will continue to visit and play on these unspoiled islands as often as possible.

charmian ali, england mar 04

Thank you so much for the best week onboard Promenade Charter yacht-renamed the floating four seasons sailing hotel without an equal. Everything was fabulous including your gracious hospitality and all your kind touches during our stay. The highlights included one amazing beach after another, snorkeling in the dive spots with winds and currents, dinner and meals that were out of this world, plus being in such memorable and fun surroundings. This is a new benchmark, not just in holidays, but in the best thing in life!

cruising with the mulvilles, nov 03

We will miss you all. You have made us so comfortable and welcome. We truly enjoyed the trip and we will have fond memories for years to come. Thank you for sharing your home and hospitality. If you are ever visiting the states, please look us up. We always felt at ease and relaxed. Thanks for the patience and answering all of our questions. Baz kept us entertained and educated with his endless stories and knowledge of the sea. Matt has learned so much about fishing that it will keep his interest sparked for a lifetime. Fishing equipment will definitely be a big Xmas present. Kerry gets the 6 star rating for her delicious cuisine. We are big eaters and she managed to please and satisfy us at every meal. Great original recipes with beautiful presentation many times prepared under torrential downpours, that takes skill! Many thanks to Chad for his expertise on exotic drinks, photographs and great service with a smile. Last but not least, the great bonfire. We all enjoyed stories and drinks. How could we miss having such a great time with the TLC?

callin harrison, london england

No matter where one goes on holiday, we find that it is the people, not the place that turn a good vacation into an amazing holiday. The crew of Promenade provided the latter for us and our family. As water starved land dwellers, we all hoped to take every advantage of exploring the marine life and learn more about sailing, water skiing and other water sports. Owners, Kerry and Bazza, were fantastic hosts allowing us to experience what the Promenade and the BVI had to offer in our areas of interest to the fullest. In addition, Kerry succeeded in providing terrific fresh homemade meals for a party that included vegetarians and meat eaters. Cocktail hour, with her delicious drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic),was an extra special indulgence that really made the most of the Caribbean sunsets. Their two person crew, were equally welcoming and helpful. Simeon couldn't have been more supportive in instructing four of us through our open water diving certification. The only complaint we can lobby about my time on Promenade is that it was over with too soon.

steven gear-evans, london england, march 2003

Don't wait for a special event to go on this holiday. I am a keen sailor but found that the luxury of sailing a beautiful and unusual trimaran meant that I had to lie back and enjoy the experience whilst some one else did the work for a change. My excuse was that I wanted to save my energy for extensive snorkelling expeditions and there was plenty of opportunity to relax and have fun - I never thought it was possible to do up to 3 different snorkelling trips in one day. Some how Kerry and Bazza always manage to provide a new aquarium for you to explore and the perfect location for all levels of experience. If you are the adventurous type you can swim in the current around the Rhone wreck and swim off a headland where the water is beautifully clear and where I saw my first shark. Scary at first but then it becomes a laugh when Bazza explains it is only a nurse shark. Divers are also fully catered for, but I was happy to find more fish than they did. Kerry and Bazza provide a seamless feast for the eyes from wonderful snorkelling and beautiful scenery to superb meals that soon left me promising to swim even more because I wanted to increase my appetite for the wonderful meals they provided - including a spectacular beach camp fire evening in the middle of nowhere. If you want to chill out and do not a lot, then you can and if it gets too hot then the air conditioned double cabins with ensuite should physically chill you out. My wife described it as the 'floating Four Seasons'. This has to be the most easy going, fuss free activity sailing holiday I have ever had. Kerry and Bazza do a wonderful job of welcoming you into their home which they have clearly spent a lot of time and attention to get right. I just hope that all their guests appreciate it as much as we did. Try and persuade Bazza to let you have a go at the speed snorkeling. It is wicked. If Kerry and Bazza every moved to a new location in the Caribbean my wife and I will be one of the first to sign up for another holiday. Even if they don't I am sure we'll be back once we have tried some other locations. After all, we would hate to get tired of perfection. Enjoy!

See you SOON!

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