Promenade Sail & SCUBA Charters

What can we say? We KNOW we offer a tremendous SCUBA experience on board our yacht!

In the British Virgin Islands, year round the water is at a temperature of close to 80 degrees, diving is rarely deeper than 80 feet and most dives are between 30 and 60 feet.

Our dive sites vary from sheltered coral reefs to offshore rocks and walls. You can also hide inside grottoes, caves and old shipwrecks. Visiblity is mostly good to excellent. The tremendous variety of undersea life you'll encounter will keep you checking in the guide books again and again.

The Virgin Islands has a diversity of sites that is without equal.

Caribbean SCUBA Diving

Promenade offers very experienced certifying diving instructors. Promenade is without a doubt the best equipped diving yacht of its size for SCUBA diving.

Whether you are an avid diver looking for a Caribbean vacation that your entire family can share, or just looking for resort diving as an exciting addition to your week, our SCUBA instructors have learned to turn your diving adventure into one of the most memorable and exciting parts of your Caribbean diving vacation.

We have been diving in the BVI for many years and specialize in the out of the way places that most shops never get too!

diving from promenade charter yacht

Diving from Promenade is very easy. One soon takes for granted the spacious deck area of a trimaran. You won't be crowded while getting all your gear sorted out and there are two easy places to suit up and sit down while everybody gets ready.

There is a ladder that extends 5 rungs below the water to make it easier for you to climb aboard at the end of a dive, with fresh water shower right beside it.

When we have keen divers on board, it is our philosophy to visit, on average, two quality dive sites a day, to complement a pleasant, relaxed sailing schedule.

scuba equipment

We carry on board an electric bauer compressor, rated at 9cfm which fills a tank in about 9 minutes. We also carry approx. 20 BC jackets of various sizes and regulators with octopus, depth and pressure gauge. For safety we have 2 oxygen tanks with qualified O2 provider and a heart smart defribillator.

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    Wreck of the RMS Rhone
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    Diving of the aft
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    It is an easy jump in the water!
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    A perfect yacht for perfect diving
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    Most of our diving is done off our Mother Ship, not the tender
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    RMS Rhone
  • Promenade-Split
  • RhoneInterior
    Inside the wreck of the RMS Rhone
  • Stamp
    Promenade has their very own stamp! The only charter boat that I know of... I know we are the only charter boat around to have had their picture put on a stamp! This is from July 23rd, 1993 and is the $1.00 issue here in the British Virgin Islands, celebrating SCUBA Diving and sailing.
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    Looking up while coming up
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    Almost there
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    SCUBA Diving awards
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    SCUBA Diving awards


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