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Caribbean Snorkeling

In the British Virgin Islands, year round the water is at a temperature of close to 80 degrees, reaching to 85 degrees in the summer. Snorkeling is excellent to superb. Our snorkel sites vary from sheltered coral reefs to offshore rocks and walls. You can also snorkel inside grottoes, caves and see old shipwrecks. The wreck of the Rhone shallow end sits in 20 feet of water. Visiblity is mostly good to excellent.

Promenade carries many fish and shell identification books to so you can look up the multitudes of fish you see. Promenade has many snorkeling sites that are unique to us.

 starfish in mangroves

Promenade carries a full compliment of snorkeling gear on board, including about 40 sets of masks, fins, and snorkels, snorkeling vests and noodles for those who are more comfortable with some flotation. We have a large deck box just up the easy water entry aft deck where you can easily store your gear.

One of our most popular snorkeling spots. The fish have been hand fed for so long, they do everything besides jump on the back deck! The caves or, Treasue Point, is supposedly what Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island is based on and there have been legends and treasure hunters looking for the chests of gold that are supposedly buried all over Norman Island for many years. There is a series of 4 caves here, with fantastic snorkeling. A couple of the caves you can stand up in and the furthest one back goes about 40 feet. Story has it that in 1907 a local family, the Creque family, found a treasure chest back on a ledge with $200,000. (in those days dollars) treasure in it. They used part of that treasure to buy the island from the government and it stayed in the family until a few years ago, when it was sold for 17 million dollars.

the indians

So named because someone thought that the group of rocks looked like an Indian headdress from far away! No Indians, but some of the best coral and fishlife we have in the BVI. Suitable for divers and snorkelers, the rocks rise about 50 feet above the water, and are about 60 feet down at the sea bed. These can be easily circumnavigated and there is a particularily good bowl in the middle which is just like an aquarium. This is always a favorite with guests.

If we drew up a map of all the snorkeling spots it would cover the entire BVI! Cistern Point on Cooper Island is also spectacular. There are a couple spots you can go, where not only the snorkeling is wonderful, but the fishermen clean their conch shells so you can find yourselve a nice conch shell as well. Among these are Beef Island Bluff and the Sphinx at Salt Island. Guests often ask why there are mountains of cleaned conch shells. This is because when they are harvested, if the fishermen clean out the shell and throw it back in the conch field, the conch will leave. So, they collect the conch and take them to many spots around the island where they can sit in their boat, clean them, and throw them into a conch graveyard. One of the most notable conch mountains is out at Anegada.

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